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Competitive Obedience

If you and your dog really enjoyed your basic obedience class, you enjoy spending extra time with your dog, or you just want to show off his smarts then maybe competitive obedience is for you!

There are three levels of obedience competition and all dogs start at the Novice level. Requirements for Novice include heeling on and off lead, come when called, stand stay for examination, sit stay and down stay. The dog then moves on to the Open and Utility levels where the exercises become more complicated but can also be a lot of fun to teach. In AKC obedience a score 170/200 pts is needed for a passing score and three passing scores are needed for each level. After completing the Utility Dog title you may continue competing for the Utility Dog Excellent title as well as the Obedience Trial Champion title. Dogs can compete at various venues for obedience titles including both AKC and UKC trials.

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The American Kennel Club

United Kennel Club

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