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Heartworm Disease

Heartworms are an important parasite for both dogs, and as we now know - cats!

It has been known for years that heartworms are a dangerous parasite to dogs. Heartworm infection in dogs can go undetected for years if the pet does not undergo annual testing and is not on preventative. In the later stages heartworm disease can cause weight loss, cough, and exercise intolerance. Although heartworm disease can be treated, it is not only very expensive, but very painful and stressful to the dog. Treatment for this devastating disease is also not without risk of death, although fatalities are more common in the later stages of the disease. Heartworms are also very common here in the Midwest.

For these reasons Heartworm Prevention should be considered part of the cost of owning a dog-along with other essentials such as food, shelter, yearly examinations, vaccines, and spay/neuter surgeries! Don't let your pet go unprotected, ask about heartworm prevention today!

And now.....

Heartworm disease in cats! Yes, we now know that although the cat is not the natural host for heartworms they can suffer devastating effects from accidental infections. Because there is no signal in cats that can tell the heartworm where to go the heartworm can wander throughout the cat's body leaving a trail of inflammation anywhere it goes. And heartworms don't have to mature into adults to cause disease-even the larval stages can cause a great deal of respiratory disease, which often presents as asthma like symptoms. Other symptoms include cough or chronic vomiting and the most frightening one-sudden death! Heartworms affect outdoor as well as indoor cats. Heartworms are spread by infected mosquitoes and it only takes one mosquito to slip in your house or one accidental trip outside by your cat to put them at risk. On top of this the species of mosquito that loves to bite cats also loves to live indoors!

Heartworm disease in cats is hard to diagnose and is unfortunately not treatable. This means the best way to protect your cat is by using monthly prevention. Revolution is a safe, effective, easy to apply topical (no need to give your cat a pill!) that is used once monthly-year round. As an added benefit Revolution also controls fleas, ear mites, roundworms, and hookworms!

It's time we show we love our cats as much as we love our dogs, ask about Revolution today!