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Obedience School

School For Dogs

Obedience is for all dogs! Even if your new dog or puppy's main job is to be a house pet or lap dog they need to go through obedience training and daily body handling routines.

Obedience classes will help you learn how to teach your dog basic commands as well as give your puppy a chance to interact with other dogs and people in a new environment.

In addition, basic obedience and body handling will help your dog get used to physical exams by the doctor and allow us to get a better idea of what is going on with your pet. It will also allow you to notice problems earlier before they become a more serious issue. Body handling is especially important in teaching your dog to accept routine grooming and treatment procedures such as nail trimming and ear cleaning. This will lead to decreased stress if you or the doctor need to perform some treatments or testing on your pet.

All Creatures offers both group classes for obedience and boarding school. Please inquire at the front desk about the next available class session.