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Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience or Rally-O is a fun new sport where dogs and handlers negotiate a course of signs than give them directions on a specific maneuver or exercise to perform. Rally is a lot of fun in that you can talk to your dog and encourage him all you want while in the ring. This is in contrast to formal obedience competition where you can only give a command one time and no talking to your dog in between. Rally-O is great for new handlers and young dogs but even seasoned veterans can benefit from the relaxed atmosphere and variety of maneuvers and commands that are incorporated into the courses. The variety of handling skills involved is sure to keep dogs on their toes. There are three levels of Rally competition-Novice, Advanced, and Excellent. Three scores of 70/100 pts are needed to complete each level and then the dog may continue competing for the Rally Advanced Excellent title.

For more information go to:

American Kennel Club

If you are ready to jump right in, go to:

Springfield Missouri Dog Training Club

Rally On!