All Creatures Pet Hospital

902 West Kearney Street
Springfield, MO 65803


All Creatures Surgery Standards

Here at All Creatures we want to make sure your pets surgical experience is as safe and pain free as possible. For that reason our surgeries include the following:

Pre-anesthetic Medications: These relax your pet and provide pain relief before surgery even starts.

Gas Anesthesia: This is the same anesthetic used in human hospitals and allows your pet to wake up faster as well as allow the doctor to adjust the anesthesia quickly and easily.

Anesthetic Monitoring: High tech equipment monitors your pet's heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, oxygenation status, and respiratory rate. This also allows changes or adjustments in the anesthesia as needed.

Supplemental Heat: Because anesthetized pets can lose body heat we have both a heated surgery table as well as heated water blankets to maintain adequate body temperature.

Pain Medications: Because we want to make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible we provide a pain injection during surgery as well as medication to go home on.

Antibiotic Injections: All pets are given an antibiotic injection to help prevent infection.

Aseptic Technique: Sterile surgical scrubbing is performed on the surgery site and only sterile instruments are used in surgery. The doctor also performs a sterile hand scrub as well as wearing surgical gowns, gloves, masks, and caps.

Pre-operative Blood Testing: Currently this is an optional test but the doctors strongly encourage testing your pet prior to surgery to make sure there is no obvious internal organ disease we need to know about.